Temporary Office Space, Finances, Senators Game, Annual Conference, Church Camp & More

Blessings Sisters & Brothers of Christ UMC, Selinsgrove: Today’s Update from Pastor Ryan (June 19, 2015) • The staff and ministry servants/volunteers were able to complete the Final Inventory and Clean-out of CUMC on Tuesday, June 9. The next step that has started and is ongoing is the replacement value pricing of all the inventoried items. Please keep the staff and ministry leaders & teams in your prayers as they complete this process. • The Trustees have narrowed down to one building where they would like to lease office space, Agapeland Preschool, rehearsal, small group, storage and possibly even worship space for next year. We need your prayers as we are now entering the building inspection phase, District Superintendent approval and work with the insurance company on payment of the Lease. We also will be coming before the Administrative Board for an Administrative Board extended charge conference to approve the lease. I am tentatively hoping that Charge Conference will be Wednesday, July 1 at 7 pm at the Outdoor Worship Center. • Building Committee has put out bid requests to several architectural firms as we continue to prepare information for the future, and so we can have before us as one option building new on our new land. One bid came back and we have met with that company and gone over that bid and options with that bid. We are working on plans for what we might be able to build for a million dollars. That number is fluid and could go up or down. • Trustees continue to work with the insurance company and with Mark 1 & others on items dealing with the future of CUMC’s present building. Please continue to pray for them as we await insurance numbers and prepare this information as another option for the future. • If you can print any items for yourself that are for church related ministries & missions please do so. I am working with our copier company and believe we can have a new copier soon but that will be for when we move into our leased building. Hence, we are only able to copy for Sunday Morning items and ask that ministries & missions handle their copying for a little bit. We have also had offers of temporary copiers from parishioners and businesses. This is awesome. If we cannot get the new copier for a tentative move in date of the week of July 6, then we will be using those generous options. We hope to be doing all the copying again by the week of July 6. • Financially the congregation is stable and even doing better than last year at this time. We have no issues in meeting any of our financial obligations including ministry & mission. Praise God for God’s provision and for the generous giving of CUMC members & friends. Please continue to give as the Holy Spirit has and continues to lead you! • VBS preparations are under way for a fabulous week of VBS coming up July 20-23 (rain date July 24) at Kidsgrove from 6:30 to 8 pm. • Camp Numbers continue to come in and I believe as of today we are up to 38 campers. If you feel called to extra giving, please consider giving to the camp fund at CUMC. Please make checks out to CUMC and put “camping” in the memo line. • Last Sunday we kicked off Second Sundays at the OWC (Outdoor Worship Center) and had a huge success with worship, mountain pies, s’mores, fellowship, singing and fun! Thanks to the Imagine Christ Team for a wonderful night. • Jaime Carpenter and Grace Dunigan did an outstanding presentation at Annual Conference on Friday, June 12 at Messiah College. It was awesome! I will try to post a link to their story from the conference website/newspaper. • On Saturday, June 13, we had a great turnout in raising funds for our camps at the Harrisburg Senators game. Thanks to all who came out for a great time of fellowship! • Graduate Recognition Sunday is this Sunday! Congrats to all the graduates! • Our Church website continues to be updated with New Members items (in fact please go to the website and click on “Everyday Ministries” and “Church Membership” and you will see awesome resources, schedules, information and more), Church, Safe Sanctuary, pictures, blogs and more! Great work Jaime Carpenter!!! The website is www.christ-umc.net • Many people, groups, churches and more continue to help us. I hope to have a list out soon and am so thankful for all the giving and support! Blessings in Christ for an awesome church! Pastor Ryan