Safety Conditions for Construction

Construction has begun on the new church -- you are welcome to drive up to the new land when the rope/chain is down under the following conditions due to required safety conditions:

1. You must observe the construction/building from the parking lot in front of the OWC/the lower parking lot, you may not be in the upper parking lot by the building nor may you be in the traffic circle.

2. You must enter & exit from Route 522 entrance

3. You may take pictures but they must be from the OWC and/or the parking lot in front of the OWC

4. Unless you are a member of the Board of Trustees or Building Committee or you have rented or are using the OWC for a church function or rented function, you may not be on the land when the rope/chain is across the entrance due to construction equipment and other items being present on the land.

I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this causes, most week days the rope/chain will be down from 7:30am to 3/3:30pm but this is not guaranteed. I will update everyone when conditions change to allow us to see more but during excavating and steel building phase, these are the conditions we are required to live under. I will be putting out an entire update later this week.

Thanks be to God that the Holy Spirit and the people of CUMC under the power of the Holy Spirit are moving forward with God's new place for mission and ministry.

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