Sale of Eighth Street Church

UPDATE – The closing on 8th street was completed at 1:00

pm on Thursday, April 28, with the Regional Engagement Center (REC). We are no longer the owners of any property at 8th & Mill Street with the exception of the Bell & Stained Glass Memorial box by the elevator (these will be retrieved at a later time). The total net proceeds were $146,550. We had previously received $1,000 as a deposit hence the total from the sale for the church was $147,550. Our expenses off of the $150,000 sale price were $1,500 for our share of real estate transfer tax, $945 for our attorney’s fees (Tom Clark), and $5 for day of closing notary fee. Building Committee is working with ministry leaders this week on floor types in our new building and also meeting with the Architect to finalize bid drawings.

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