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VBS Donation

VBS DONATION REQUESTS – The following items are needed for “Roar” VBS this summer. Please consider donating any items and bringing them to the church by Sunday, June 30th.  If you prefer donating gift cards from Walmart and/or Weis Markets, that would be great, too!

30 Ping Pong Balls     Scotch Tape        Giant Bubble Wands and Solution

2 Large Buckets                      Sponges                     30 Pool Noodles

3 Playground Balls                  Dominoes                  40 Colored Craft Sticks

Bottles of Water                     Paper Towels             Styrofoam Plates

1 Large Bag of River Rocks    Chop Sticks                 Jumbo Craft Sticks

Froot Loops (Generic ok)      4 Jump Ropes             Spray Bottles

Blue Tablecloths                     Duct Tape                    Aluminum Foil

Jungle Cookie Cutters           Red Card Stock            Small Rolling Pins

Contact Papers                       Frog Stickers               Blue Cellophane

Stamp Pads         6 Sheets Black Poster Board     Paper Fasteners (Brads) 

Magnets      10 Clear Drinking Glasses (16 oz)        30 Decks of Cards

Colored Candies (M&M’s or Skittles)  

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