570 South High Street

Blessings Sisters & Brothers of Christ UMC, Selinsgrove: Today’s Update from Pastor Ryan (July 2, 2015) • At the Administrative Board type Charge Conference on July 1, 2015 it was approved unanimously to lease for one year the old DPW on 570 South High Street with options to extend past one year as needed. This location will be used as soon as possible for office and preschool space and we believe space starting at the end of August for Worship, Sunday School, small group and rehearsals. There are some final items to be worked out but we hope to sign the lease and start work at the new temporary location on July 7. • The preliminary insurance numbers came in on Tuesday. They are not final and need to be reviewed by us and the insurance adjusters. Initial estimates are around $900,000 not counting contents, business loss and any code updates that might need to happen. Please note this is not final! More will be shared in the coming weeks. • Building Committee met Tuesday and continues to review options for building new. • Trustees met Wednesday and started to look at the Preliminary Insurance Report as well as working on preparing us to move into the leased building and various other items such as maintenance for the OWC and preparing the 429 North 8th Street property for winter as well as future options for our current church. Blessings Pastor Ryan

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