A gift from Pennsfield


Yesterday the CUMC caregiving team had their monthly "Coffee and Conversation" at Pennsfield Apartments. After our prayers, Bible reading and faith sharing, Shirley Hoffman came to the front and expressed appreciation not just 8 years CUMC's presence and ministry there, but also gratitude for all of the special things our care team plans. She handed me a bag with a dollar bill sticking out. She asked me to pull it. Ones, Fives, Tens, Twenties and Hundreds were taped together, end to end, As I pulled (and cried), they laughed and clapped! In the end, the folks who attend Coffee and Conversation ministry gave CUMC $550 for emergenccy needs since the church's fire on May 4, 2015.


We thought we were going to Pennsfield Apartments to bless the residents. As it turns out, they have blessed us...AGAIN!

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