Mark1, OWC Storage, Leasing of Space & Charge Conference

Blessings Sisters & Brothers of Christ UMC, Selinsgrove: Today’s Update from Pastor Ryan (June 3, 2015) There will be two updates this week. This update will deal with Mark1 progress, storage at OWC, leasing of space for the future and how future charge conference dates will work. The second update will be current pictures of the inside of the church to come in a later post. 1. Mark1 has almost completed all the demolition of drywall. They are currently suring up the floor around the Library and copy room. We were slightly delayed in inventorying those two areas and will be completing the inventory of those two rooms plus the side room off of the Library on Tuesday, June 9 at 8 am. No one except for the professionals is allowed to go to the Library or Copy room because it is still unstable. They will bring the items to us to inventory. 2. We now have upstairs storage at the Outdoor Worship Center. DB Construction has completed that process and items are starting to head there. 3. We looked at two more spaces for leasing for Office, Agapeland Preschool, Rehearsal and possibly even worship space. We will need an Administrative Board type conference to approve any leasing recommendations from the Trustees. This will require 10 days and 2 Sundays notice to the congregation of when such conference will take place. Research into insurance coverage & what the congregation might have to pay for said leases is ongoing by the Trustees. 4. When the time comes for the church to vote on its future, there is a process we will strictly follow according to the Discipline of the United Methodist Church. We are not ready to enact this process as we are approximately 2 to 3 weeks away from insurance numbers coming to us. Trustees and Building Committee continue their work to prepare us for when the numbers are put forth. The process we will follow for the church to vote via a church type charge conference is as follows: a. Trustees, Building Committee, Finance, and Administrative Board along with Pastor Ryan will prepare a packet of information on options available to the congregation regarding its future location. b. Three to Four Town Hall meetings will take place in order to go over the packet and to answer questions and take comments. c. A charge conference will be called with permission from the District Superintendent in which all professing members of Christ UMC, Selinsgrove will have voice and vote (vote will be by paper ballot). It is important to note, that only the charge conference where all members have voice and vote speaks for the entire church. The minimum notification to the congregation for a charge conference is 10 days and 2 Sundays by two forms of communication. We will strive for at least one month and 3 Sundays notification through all means of communication we have at our disposal. d. Concurrent to the Charge Conference Process, the District Committee on Building & Grounds will review proposals and give approval along with the District Superintendent and the Pastor to said proposals. Remember we serve a God who sent the Holy Spirit to guide us and be with us in the process. We can Trust God and sing God’s praises! In all of this remember that “those who know God’s name trust God because God has not abandoned any who seek Him.” (Psalm 9:10a)

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