There WILL be nursery care this Sunday!

The following message comes from Children's Ministry Leader, Amanda Rousu and Nursery Coordinator, Julie Arnold. There will be nursery care during worship starting THIS SUNDAY, May 17, at Weber Chapel, Susquehanna University!

Our nursery will be open to children ages 0-36 months.

The nursery will be just to the right, off of the "Narthex" area. It is very close to the Auditorium. It will be easy for families to drop off their little ones on the way into worship.

1. This week we will provide diaper care items, coloring books and crayons and simple toys.

Nursery Care will be led by Julie Arnold for the 8:00 Service and Amanda Rousu for the 10:30 service. We would like all nursery workers to check in with Julie or Amanda this Sunday to see the space and how to handle the tricky parts-the organ (there is an organ in this space, otherwise, it is totally kid friendly).

2. Julie is assembling a list of items we will need donated for the summer. We will stick with basics until June since we will need to clear out for the special session on May 31. Our goal is to be a simple as possible, while still being fun/entertaining for kids.

The fact that we are having nursery care our FIRST Sunday at Weber Chapel is amazing. It shows true love and concern for children and top-notch leadership that has become common in our church culture. Thank you to Amanda, Julie and the children and nursery ministry teams.

All of our Children and youth ministry leaders have completed the requirements for "Safe Sanctuaries".

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