Inventory Part 2

Blessing Brothers and Sisters in Christ of Christ United Methodist Church, Selinsgrove: Church Update for morning of Wednesday, May 13, 2015: Progress continues to be made on emergency services, mitigation and inventory. Jaime Scholl Carpenter & my offices are completely cleaned out. The choir room is being cleaned out by the mitigation and loss company Mark1 and they are inventorying all its contents and will be attempting to save the hand bells. They are also working to save most of the contents of the Sanctuary and closets (smoke damage in this area) knowing that some things will have to be thrown-out. Many items in Jaime and I's office were thrown out after inventorying. The main office is a complete loss as well as the Narthex. The preschool has gone through many items and inventoried and tossed items that with smoke damage cannot be saved or be around children. The Kitchen crew has also gone through items as well as Mark1 has cleaned some items for them. Tables, Chairs, Roasters are all up at the Outdoor Worship Center after being cleaned by Mark1. An afternoon update from myself will be coming with more information and I will also be posting a worship update after this update. Please continue to keep all of this in prayer and thank-you all so much for your huge support! Blessings ~ Pastor Ryan

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